Offering The Latest Hosting Technologies to The Esteemed Customers?

 As the people want to be updated always, it is necessary to host the latest technologies on the website or else your customers will stop visiting your website. The latest technology of web hosting must be such that it should have good infrastructure, up to date data center so that your customers can host the

Now a paper airplane can be controlled by Smartphone

  The new technology has been developed by the researchers of Washington. The new technology is based on the paper airplane. The flying of the paper airplane can be manipulated by using a Smartphone. The airplane can be twisted and also it can be turned in the open skies using the Smartphone. And the designer

No fat and no carbs diet

 Simply leaving all nutritional foods will not help you to lose weight. There are some essential requirements of the body, and that has to be fulfilled. Usually people will stop using up the carbohydrates food and thinking that they will be losing the weight quickly. But in an actual case this won’t happen. They may

New technology of finding the white blood cell counts with small amount of blood sample

 Presently, while blood cell counters are very bulky machines which require a very large amount of blood to count the numbe3r of white blood cells. Along with this, it also consumes more hours to give sample output. Moreover, collections of white blood samples are frequently done manually. But now with new upcoming technology from the

New Apps on Smartphones and Tablets to attract Kids towards Science

   Social media websites emails, chats, may attract adults, but kids these days are not interested in these. They would like to have some informative app on their Smartphone’s and iPad that would help them get information about all new technologies, software’s, apps available in the marketplace. Taking this factor into consideration, 10 new apps

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